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Autism Helper is a tool designed to ease the communication effort needed by your child. Imagine that you are in a mall and your non-verbal child needs to say something, you start the software on your phone and your child makes some simple touches and all of a sudden you know what you child needs to say. The ultimate goal is to have a specialized Dictionary for your child in your phone/tablet ready to be started at any time and over time you child will learn how to use it and learn from it.

The idea is so simple, you create Categories of ideas and under each category you add items. Each Category or Item will have a picture and a sound attached to it , hopefully your voice, because you are the only person your child knows and admires , so imagine you guide him with your voice to teach him how to talk.

Here are a few of the highlights of this software:

Here is a snap shot of the main screen in Autism Helper where you can see four Categories listed in there, if you touch Animals for instance you will see all the Items inside

Main Screen of Autism Helper

Here is all the Animals Items listed in another screen

Animals Items

Next you will see a specific Item touched by the child
Cow Item 

You will notice all the Action Buttons on the Bottom. When you touch any of them an Action will be executed on that Item. Those Action Items are expandable, you can add to them and they will live in a scrollable view, you scroll to the left or right.

You get the idea.