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Categories are holders for Items. Remember that each item on the screen is associated with a picture and a sound clip so we need a way to organize all of those items? If we list thousands of items on the screen the child will not be able to choose from them, simply it will be too much information on one screen. The Solution is to categorize our items. Imagine that you created the perfect Food items for your kid, you gathered pictures of your kid’s favorite food and added your warm voice to them, if you list all of them under one Category icon it will be much easier for your kid to choose that on the main screen if he is hungry and then chooses his favorite food item. In computer terms, Categories are like folders that contain files (Items). On the main screen you list the categories and when the child chooses one of those categories all the items within will be displayed. When you create categories don’t just take pictures and voice clips right away, instead try to think first. Think about your child’s life and try to identify main points of interests about your child, most likely those points will be your child’s main categories. List them on paper first , try to get pictures about them or even take some photos using your camera or smart phone , add your voice to a files and you are ready to go.

here is a snap shot of categories screen


And here is another snap shot of Items within Animals Category

Animals Category