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            Autism Helper

Action Buttons are actions to be executed on a selected Item. When the child selects a specific item to view, on the bottom of the screen you will see a long horizontal area full of buttons , when the child touches any of them a voice command will be played and the item will start jumping around. The best thing about those buttons is that they are totally configurable. You can add to them and delete any of them , also the count is endless, you can add unlimited number of them and the are they reside into is a horizontal scrollable view.

Here is a snap shot of them:

Action Icons

The beauty of those buttons is that you can attach any picture to them and also you add a voice note to them. Your child will be amazed when he touches them and find out that your voice answers him with specific command. Your voice is the best tutor to him and the most trusted voice in the universe.

How to add an Action Button?

Simply choose add from the Items screen and you will have to choose between adding from a file based or using the camera.

add action icon

if you choose "using file" then you will see the next screen where you have to supply all the information to add an action button.

add action icon data

you will have to supply a title, picture file , sound file then click accept and you will see the action button added to the right side of already configured buttons.

How to delete an Action Button?
simply choose delete button from the items screen
delete action icon